“ Get expert legal advice from leading business rescue specialists. We assist businesses and their advisers in all industries, providing effective solutions for long-term success.”

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Businesses often face financial challenges, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances and forces outside of their control. This includes factors such as not being paid on time, increases in operating costs, industrial strike action, poor market conditions and regulatory issues.

We assist with:

  • Analysing the client’s company and its business

  • Identifying viable solutions

  • Formulating, implementing and monitoring practical plans and strategies

  • Identifying and instructing an independent and suitable business rescue practitioner, where appropriate

  • Guiding the company back on its path to success, securing the best possible outcome for all affected parties


We care about our clients and our employees. We are passionate about making a positive difference in their lives. Our goal is therefore to help people get their business back on track, providing sound legal and business advice and assistance, as a foundation to long-term success. We put a lot of effort into our business relationships, which are built on integrity, honesty, reliability and our commitment to finding the best possible solutions for the client and his business.


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