“ BVR offers expert facilitation, implementation and monitoring of the best solutions for your financially distressed business.”

At BVR, we deal with companies that find themselves in financial distress. Our aim is to facilitate the rehabilitation of companies that might otherwise face Liquidation. BVR explores solutions including Business Rescue for financially distressed businesses.  This could allow the company some much needed breathing space in terms of a moratorium on the right of creditors and to ensure the most favorable outcome for all affected parties.

During the Business Rescue process, we deal with all parties involved in and affected by a company found to be in financial distress.  This includes:

  • BUSINESS OWNERS: Company directors, shareholders and members of close corporations.
  • PROFESSIONAL ADVISERS: Attorneys, auditors, business rescue practitioners, financial and business consultants.
  • CREDITORS: Creditors of companies in financial distress, business rescue or liquidation.
  • EMPLOYEES: Employees and their representatives (such as trade unions) of companies in financial distress, business rescue or liquidation.


We provide support with

  • Liquidations

  • Sequestrations

  • Business Rescue

  • Rehabilitation

  • Assets Protection

  • Commercial Law